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STEP 2 - Contact Information

Your contact address must match the billing address for the credit card being used.

My Staff Privileges will charge the monthly membership fee to the credit card you use today. If you are not completely satisfied with My Staff Privileges, you can cancel at any time.

Please read carefully. My Staff Privileges will bill the credit card you used today to sign up for your monthly membership. If you change your mind about starting your membership, we will honor your request for a refund made within ten, (10), business days of your enrollment date; after ten, (10), business days you agree to the cancellation policy below. To request a refund please click on the link to email us a request. Refund Request.

To process a refund, we need full name, date of enrollment, and your Member ID. We will honor your request within 10, (ten), business days. All refunds are returned using the original method of payment. Please note that your refund can only be credited to the same credit card you used to enroll.

Cancellation Policy. You can cancel your monthly membership in My Staff Privileges at any time.

We will record your cancellation and confirm by sending you a cancellation email on the date you cancel. Your benefits and services will remain active until your current monthly membership expires. We will not bill you again. If you cancel your benefits, please make sure you take full advantage of your benefits during the remaining period, The cancel confirmation email you get will detail the remaining coverage period. Please keep in mind that once you cancel, you may not be eligible to enroll again for one, (1), year.