Estimated Annual Value   $975

Home Buyer/Seller Rebate

If you buy or sell a home your average cash rebate will be from $801 to $2,671 or higher depending on the sale/purchase price of your home. If you buy and sell your get a rebate for both transactions. Benefit can be used buy member or extended to member's family and friends. This benefit is not included in the calculator as value cannot be determined without the sale or purchase of a home.)

HOW VALUE IS ESTIMATED: We use the average retail price for each product/benefit if you were to buy these separately. Your actual value maybe higher depending on how often you use the benefits. We do not include the value of the real estate rebate on our calculation. The value of the real estate rebate depends on how often you move. In the US between 5 and 7% of homeowners move each year, the average American moves five, (5), times in their lifetime.