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Attracting new clients with Resonance and Leveraged Marketing Strategies

Author: Steve Drozdeck
Publication Date: April 12, 2017

To market to a particular niche you must have products/services that meet their needs. HOWEVER, to "resonate" with them you have to match their conversation. How do you do that? Key word research, reading their blogs and joining their online groups, etc. will identify their most pressing problems as well as the best buzz words to market to them.

After creating a marketing campaign that your ideal prospects will resonate with your next step is to leverage your efforts.

Here are some brief ideas to consider:

  • Offer a webinar on a topic of interest. Record it. Slice and dice the audio portion to create 3 to 5 minute podcasts and send to prospects/clients suggesting that they pass it on. Also consider placing them on iTunes.
  • Create CDs and mp3s from the audio files. Create DVDs and mp4s from the video files created by the webinar service.
  • Transcripts of the recordings lead to multiple blogs, articles and reports for redistribution to social media, COIs, prospects and clients.
  • With enough transcripts you have the basis of a book, which is HUGE CREDIBILITY. Distribute hard or electronic copies to all. Newspapers, magazines and radio shows like to interview published authors. Even more credibility.

By resonating with your audience and leveraging your efforts you'll quickly see massive results.