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Share a professional secret

Author: Loren Levitan - Licensed Producer
Publication Date: February 15, 2017

Yes, our offices need help making the most of the limited resources; we all do. Our role as insurance professional goes beyond selling and counseling. All businesses are inherently in need of support and seek advice from trusted individuals. Are you a trusted advisor? We think so. We believe that many insurance professionals seek advice from their peers, co-works, correlated industry professionals.

As insurance professional, we have the obligation to help our industry, and correlated industry professionals. That does not mean we need to give up anything. If you can help your office and your peers save money and improve their lifestyle; we are not only doing our job, we are creating true professional loyalty.

So, how do you help your office and colleagues gain an advantage? We have seen a multitude of programs and services that offer savings and benefits. In many cases, these programs simply do not deliver because these are designed to avoid usage; more of a headache than an advantage.

The good news. Cross Marketing led by an insurance industry legend, (James Fridl), created a program for professional such as ourselves. The good news is that the workplace benefits program Cross Marketing created is now available for your producers. Take a look at Just the Tele-medicine program is worth over $30 per month. We think that the true value of this program exceeds $60 per month. The folks at Cross Marketing really did their homework and created a phenomenal program that you can share with your colleagues and co-workers. We think they will "Thank You".

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Keeping the Customer...Happy?

Author: Loren Levitan - Licensed Producer
Publication Date: February 1, 2017

Is there loyalty in the insurance industry? Yes and No. Just like any other industry, "loyalty" is an elusive concept. As insurance producers, we all want loyal customers. It is so hard and costly to build a book of business. So much so that each customer is not just a policy, it is an annuity - for your business. So how do you keep your customers?

According to an article from Bain & Company, they state that "many executives now realize that a business built around customer loyalty and advocacy can yield substantial long-term beneļ¬ts. Customers who are loyal promoters of their insurers stay longer, buy more, recommend the company to friends and family, and usually cost less to serve.

Bain & Company also states that "one structural reason is that insurers have far fewer interactions with customers than, say, retail banks. In some markets, interactions are even dwindling with the rise of online aggregators (also known as comparison sites).

So how can you, as a producer, interact with your customers more and in such a way that intervenes and prevents a decision to "switch" before that decision is ever contemplated? Simple, give your customers a tangible reason to think of you, remember you and appreciate what you do for them all year round. You're saying to yourselves, "that's not that simple!" Well, now it is thanks to an innovative solution called

Think of when you interact with your customers. When they need to file a claim. When they are up for renewal. When they move. When they get a new car. All of which are events that don't give you a lot of opportunities to engage and therefore retain them when a better offer comes along from the competition. But, if you helped them every day with the things they engage in throughout their lives, now you create a bond. That's what does. Developed by producers, but now available to everyone, is a unique way to offer more value to customers and create loyalty at the same time. When they purchase My Staff Privileges, they get everyday value, savings and access to benefits at a price which is affordable and makes them think of you. This way when they receive an offer from a competitor or uncontrollable premium hikes makes them vulnerable, the benefits you provided and the value they receive outweighs their desire to switch. And the more customers you retain, the fewer you need to acquire.

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